Venue Policies

Treatment and Cleanup: House and Barn

- The tables, chairs, and ceremony arbor and benches are included in your venue rental and set up and tear down will be done by The Journey Home. (The Journey Home is not responsible for additional rented tables, chairs, arbors, or anything else brought in or rented). 

- All personal items and trash must be removed from the tables, floors, bathroom, kitchen, and yard by the end of your scheduled rental time.

- All personal items need to be removed from The Journey Home property by the end of your scheduled rental time, or they will become property of The Journey Home.

- All trash needs to be bagged and taken out to the dumpster. Trash bags are provided in the storage room at the barn and pantry at the house.

- If you are renting items from vendors those items must have an approved scheduled drop off and pick up time beforehand. These items are the responsibility of the renters and not The Journey Home. 

- Floors need to be swept clean of trash and debris. The Journey Home staff will sweep and mop more thoroughly once they put tables and chairs away.

- Kitchens needs to be wiped down and all surfaces left clean. Check the refrigerator and other appliances that have been used and wipe those down as well.

- A cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit if the venue isn’t left in the same condition that it was found. 

- All events shall end by 11:00pm so music must be off before 11:00pm. Clients and guests should be off of The Journey Home property by 11:30. (Only guests staying at the house are welcome to stay on the property but must retreat to the house after the reception. House guests are not allowed to stay at the barn after the reception.) 

- Alterations to the premises are not permitted: pictures, lamps, furniture and other decorative accessories may not be relocated or removed from the Premises. Beds may be moved next to each other during an overnight rental and must be put back into place at the end of the rental period.

- Nothing is allowed to be attached the walls in the house or barn with tacks, nails, screws or sticky tack (please check with us before putting something up).

- Smoking is not permitted inside the barn or house. Cigarette butt receptacles are provided on or near the back patio of the barn on the south patio of the house. All cigarette butts on the ground must be picked up to not incur additional cleanup fees.

-A bartender is required for any and all alcohol served at the event and all bartenders must be licensed and insured.

- The use of non-biodegradable or unapproved celebration materials is prohibited anywhere on the property.

- The use of fake flower petals for use during an outdoor ceremony is prohibited.

- Candles may be used if they are completely inside a container. No taper candles or open flames.

- Well behaved dogs are welcome on the property but must be looked after and cleaned up after in the yard. Dogs are not to be left unattended in the house unless in a kennel. Additional fees will be charged for any unnecessary cleanup or damage.

- Fireworks are allowed on the property under the set up and supervision of a professional (licensing and insurance is required) and must be discharged prior to 10pm. Sparklers may be used for “send-offs” and extinguished sparklers must be placed in a separate trash receptacle other than indoors. Chinese lanterns are prohibited.

- Due to Conditional Use Permits issued by the County of Buchanan, Missouri, on-site security is required when there are over 100 people on the property.  Scheduling of said personnel is the responsibility of TJH. The cost of security will be the responsibility of the Renter at $30.00 per hour.

- There will be no use or consumption of any beverage from a glass bottle by guests during the event. Only the bartenders hired for the event may utilize glass bottles, and they must be properly disposed of in the provided trash receptacles.

- All used linens from the house beds, bathrooms, and the kitchen must be collected in the provided laundry baskets and placed in the laundry room of the house.

- If you did not reserve an overnight stay, no items or decorations are allowed to be stored in our garage or barn until the next day. 

- Guest parking is to the north of the house only, unless permitted by The Journey Home staff. No parking is allowed on the road or on the neighboring properties and may be towed at your or the vehicle owner’s expense.



- Photographers willing to share images with The Journey Home will be given credit for their work and should contact us personally to give us copyright release for promotional use.

- Engagement sessions may be done at The Journey Home for no charge if your wedding is booked through us. You will need to reserve a time and date for the session so that it does not interfere with another event on our property.


- The Journey Home reserves the right to oversee, guide or refuse a vendor.

- A caterer or responsible party must leave the kitchen area clean in accordance with the posted cleaning requirements or a cleaning fee will be deducted from the contractual party’s security deposit.

- The DJ or band must check in with The Journey Home staff for proper sound requirements and connections.


- Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

- Please lock all vehicles and keep your belongings supervised. The Journey Home is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

- No children are allowed to play in the fire pit area. Adults should use the fire pit area with caution and not take any fire out of that specified area.

- The Journey Home staff reserves the right to oversee alcohol consumption and escort any disruptive guests off of the premises.

- The Journey Home and staff assumes no responsibility for alcohol consumption or designated driver arrangements. The contractual party is solely responsible for assuring the safety of their intoxicated guests upon departure.

- The Journey Home and its staff are not responsible for accidents.